Digital Technology Strategy & Innovation

Our consultants in the Digital Technology Strategy & Innovation cluster support clients with IT challenges due to the Digital Transformations. The DTSI cluster consists of several teams. We have a team that is specialised in IT Strategy & Digital Operating Model, Platform & Application Architecture, Delivery Advisory & Support and Digital Workplaces. 

We are all passionate about the added value of technology solutions and we have a strong affinity with today’s business challenges. As a DTSI consultant you will work on exciting and challenging projects to support our clients transforming their IT Strategy, IT Service portfolio, IT Organization, IT Governance or IT Operating Model. As a consultant of the Digital Technology Strategy & Innovation cluster, you are the ideal sparring partner for our clients to guide them during their Digital and/or Cloud journey.

When you join us, you can work in one of these teams on challenging assignments in various industries. So, are you keen to work on innovative and international projects where you can leverage your knowledge of (emerging) technologies to ensure that our clients stay relevant in their market, then join our team! 


An optimal Employee Experience has become more important than ever after the pandemic. Employees no longer always seek out the office to go to work, but still want to feel connected to the company. To facilitate this hybrid working, it is important for an organization to get its Digital Workplace right and aligned with its workforce. We as the Employee Experience team ensure that an organization can set itself up to provide its employees with the right tools to do their jobs, wherever they are, in the best possible way.

We do this by profiling the employees of the respective organization into "personas" for which we then create Employee Journeys. With this sketch of the employee, we can determine what moments are important in their day-to-day work. To optimize these moments, we make sure the organization can support them with the right technology to ensure a good experience.

I recently worked on improving the onboarding process of a large American healthcare company. The onboarding of a new person within an organization is a very important and complex process which has a huge impact on the first experience of a new employee at an organization and which will stay with them forever. In optimizing this process, we not only ensure that the new employee has a pleasant experience, but we also make sure that the work for the HR department and managers is set up and facilitated perfectly. Using IT solutions to make people experience their work as immensely enjoyable is for me the reason why working as an Employee Experience consultant is so much fun!

Roel Koens, Employee Experience consultant

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