A not-so average day in the life of an Atos digital business consultant

By Natalie de Vries, Casper Gehner and Simon Kemmere 

Natalie de Vries

Senior Digital Transformation and Analytics Consultant

Casper Gehner

Head of Presales - Digital Strategy, Innovation and Experience

Simon Kemmere

Digital Transformation Consultant 

Natalie’s experience presenting at a large international conference

As a digital analytics consultant, Natalie de Vries helps clients manage data and AI projects, scale AI across departments and develop new data and analytics use cases. In March, Barcelona hosted the Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2022 – one of the largest connectivity conferences, featuring organizations across telecom, high-tech and IT services. Both Natalie de Vries and Casper Gehner attended the conference to represent the Atos digital transformation consulting department. They presented a successful client case from the telecom industry: an innovative conversational AI solution that Atos implemented at T-Mobile and Tele2 in the Netherlands.

“It was very exciting to attend such a large conference where we could present our client case study to a diverse set of international colleagues, partner companies and potential clients,” said Natalie. “It really makes you reflect on the hard work you’ve done and receiving positive feedback and interest from people all over the world makes me proud of what we have achieved.” 

Attending an event like this is a valuable development opportunity for Atos consultants. We have been able to build a network of Atos colleagues and interesting connections externally, learn from very experienced colleagues and share ideas with subject matter experts.

Casper’s take on the interesting technologies and trends on display at the MWC

Besides presenting our work at the Atos booth, Atos representatives like Casper Gehner also had the chance to visit other booths, chat with a diverse set of people from the telecom and technology industries, and interact with latest immersive technologies.

“Attending an event of this size provides an opportunity to gain insights into what the big players in different markets are working on,” said Casper. “After the long wait for events to happen again, every company was eager to show what has been going on behind the scenes.”

Seeing Spot, the Boston Dynamics robot dog a robotic cocktail maker and a virtual reality 4D roller coaster (pictured above) in action in Barcelona made a huge impression and drove home the fact that that we, as a community, are working on the most cutting-edge technology. Spot is an agile robot that navigates terrain with unprecedented mobility, allowing users to automate routine inspection tasks and data capture — safely, accurately and frequently. 

Simon’s experience facilitating a multi-day client workshop in Denmark

Simon Kemmere started a year ago in the Foundation — an Atos Digital Transformation Consulting program for professionals. This 18-month, “learning-by-doing” program prepares aspiring digital transformation consultants for life as a consultant.

According to Simon, “One of the key drivers for me to choose to work at Atos at the time was its international character. Our clients are in different industries with headquarters all around the globe, which makes it a very interesting dynamic.”

Simon is currently working on a project at an aircraft spare parts company, where the project team has successfully implemented intelligent automation for several manual and repetitive processes.

Each quarter, the team holds a multi-day program increment (PI) planning event to discuss and prioritize the product functionality that adds the most value for the client. 

Until recently, these sessions were held online, which worked very well, considering the health and safety restrictions in place. However, the very first in-person event was conducted in Copenhagen in March 2022.

Although the PI planning workshop was intensive, it was a success. Moreover, the teams got to know each other better in a relaxed atmosphere over dinner, and even had time to dive into some Danish culture with a refreshing pre-workshop swim in the Copenhagen harbor.

“All in all, you can definitely say that Atos lives up to its international character,” said Simon. “Even young professionals are given the opportunity to experience working for global clients.”

Besides the fun, not-so-ordinary workdays, all three of the professionals also find their everyday work rewarding and enjoyable. If this story has piqued your interest, Atos might be the right place to advance your career. We are looking for talented new colleagues for positions ranging from consultants to engineers and everything in between. 

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